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Training for a marathon defies common sense.

It is hard on the body. The pounding on concrete wears out the knees; the sun ages your skin prematurely; the immune system is usually slightly compromised after a long run. That reluctance to take another step at the 20-something or 30-something km mark is not just your imagination.. It is your body telling you that what you are doing is beyond what is needed for a healthy balanced lifestyle.

So why do people still do it?

Is it endorphins, that biochemical compound released by your body during exercise that makes you feel on top of the world? I doubt so, because sheer fatigue always overwhelms the good feelings with enough time. Trust me, I know that for a fact.

Is it for fitness? There are easier and better ways to be fit. Swimming is easy on the joints and is a good cardio workout. Even running the half marathon or 10km is better as it is less taxing on the body. I was literally sneezing and feverish all day yesterday from the long run on Sunday, and that was only 25.8km.

Is it for fun? Erm, personally, at this point in my life, playing squash is probably twenty times more fun than running a long slow distance. There is greater variety and competition in any game than there is in running, so, no, it is not "for fun", even if the music and company is good.

Is it for fame and glory? Not unless you can finish the race in a superhuman time.

So what is it?

For me it is this:

because flying to the moon defies common sense too.
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Blogger TrainOfThot said...


there's something amiss with your main blog... having difficulty accessing it over the past couple of days... not sure why... ended up on this pencil runs blog... hope your blog's up and running again... or have i been blocked permanently?!  

11:20 AM   

Blogger mis_nomer said...

Hi C.. I was just wondering where you were.. My blog seems to be fine.. still receiving comments and everything, so I'm not sure why you can't get it. Maybe it is blocked by your office?

Hmm. Email me onemillionafterthoughts at and perhaps we could MSN?  

2:04 PM   

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