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7km in 45min 53sec

I ran at a pace of 9.2km/h. Treadmills give you more info than you care for - calories burned per hour, heart beat, laps, speed, incline, etc. The treadmills at bayshore work better than those in YCK - less creaky and more "high-tech". I like. :)

Met a Know-it-all at the gym though and he irritated me by his smart-alecky remarks. I would have told him to F- off, but it wasn't in my character to cuss. (Does thinking it constitute saying it though? Like the man in the gospels who looked at a woman lustfully and hence committed adultery? Skewed thinking will conclude that you might as well do what you are thinking then, since you are going to be punished for thinking it anyway, but that is like the "Should we keep on sinning so that grace may increase?" argument.)

After running, did some weights, swam, and went to eat Char Kway Tiao at Marine Parade with T and A. :) Good Saturday!
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