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YCK gym

How far and fast did I run at B the last time? Was it 5km in 31mins? I didn't do so well last night. Only 4.53km in 30mins. The treadmills at YCK has a built-in timer on them. It stops automatically after 30mins, that's why I didn't finish the 5km. Felt a little woozey - either cos I started too quickly or because of the aircon. I finished the 2.4km in 14:35. Must do better.

YCK was intimidating. All these guys with rippling muscles. There was a fair share of scrawny looking guys too though. Very few females. Which means that the toilets are really clean and empty! They have hot water! I was standing in there and thinking the shower alone is worth the whole $2.50.

I could have done more, but it was crowded and I didn't know how to use a lot of the machines. There was this pull-up machine that looked like it was could hang someone easily. It had all these warnings on it, about getting stuck on it, the possibility of serious injury etc. etc. etc. The next time I go I'll try it ;)
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