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MacRitchie loop

I would like to post a picture of the sun setting at Macritchie Reservoir, but my camera is with my father at Mt Kinnabalu at the moment.

If you can imagine it, the light is slanting its way through the sky, making the clouds and water pink and orange. There are monkeys on the wooden ramps that i'm running on, and you can hear the water underfoot. You keep your pace, afraid that you will be swallowed by the darkness of the forest when the pink disappears. You've never run so fast and so long before.

The quickly changing colours make it surreal, even with the surity of your steps on the wooden ramp and your deep rhythmic breathing. You could be in a dream at this very moment, caught between slumber and wakefulness, dreaming of the end of the day before it has even begun. You could be the monkey scrowling at the intruders, then changing your mind suddenly, backing off and falling into the water unobstrusively as the joggers keep going. You could be the lean golden retriever, loyal, curious and hungry. Or the quiet reflective water that will eventually find it's way to over a million households through a labyrinth of plumbing.

You spot the end of the trail; you shake off the dream; and run. It is night the next time you look at the sky.

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