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MacRitchie Jog

Taking a risk
Went for a jog at MacRitchie yesterday evening with Smole. It takes me
a good 45 minutes to get to MacRitchie and when I boarded the bus, it
was pouring. But we steeled ourselves with Joan's mailman adage, and
took that risk.

The rain stopped. Phew. :) So we didn't have to test how strong-willed
we actually are. It continued to drizzle ever so slightly, but the
weather was perfect: cool, not humid, with mist over the reservoir.

Drama at MacRitchie
When we were walking to the lockers, I heard a man say loudly in
Hokkien, "Aiyah this girl went and got lost in MacRitchie, and they
still haven't found her, now I cannot go home." Oh dear. I really
hoped I misunderstood him, but it turned out that I kinda did, but

Near the ranger's station, a policeman stopped us to ask if we had
seen any lone men while running on the trail. He said that he was
looking for a single Japanese man in white shirt and brown shorts who
went missing earlier. Oh dear oh dear. We saw very few people along
the trail and none of them fit that description.

Smole and I kept a look-out throughout the rest of the hour long run,
but all we saw were runners like us. I hope they found him or her
before it got dark... Does anyone know? It is actually quite difficult
to get lost in MacRitchie if you stay on the trail. All of the trails
run into each other, and eventually, a runner will pass you whom you
could ask for directions from. But I suppose, you never know. My
father had a childhood friend who was found dead in a shallow creek in
MacRitchie. He was only 16 and had gone there to run. So you never

Sigh. I really hope they found him.

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